POINTING OUT THE RUINS (désigner les ruines) 2004


Pointing out the ruins is a recherch on politics and privacy, as a picture of the contemporary mind in its emptiness and in its despair.
It's also an essay about confrontation. Portraits. Faces of happy people. And uncomfortable thoughts.
Bringing back private minds into public space, and politic sentences into the city.



This installation is a single and silent projection in public spaces (in a shop, on a billboard, on a wall…). People have to meet with the projection accidentaly. A fast and poetic meeting.
The movie is made of 30 second sequences. Each sequence is one still picture (a portrait) subtitled with a sentence. The pictures were picked up on the internet. The sentences were picked up during my readings ( Franz Kafka, Susan Sontag, Karl Marx, Curnier, Hara, Sofsky, Mishima, Lewinska, Primo Levi, Armand Gatti, Kôbô Abé, Pétain, Josef Bor... ). The sequences look like frames from documentary interviews. With some trouble : the people are waiting to be photographed, their mouths are closed, but the subtitle gives the feeling that those people speak.


- Travail de mémoire(s) / Bordeaux 12
- Maquiz'art / Nantes 10
- KKO / Altkirch 09
- l'art de rien / Angers 08
- l'après de la catastrophe / Aire Moulins 05
- Kinoleon / Lavoir moderne parisien Paris 05
- les rendez-vous électronique / Paris 05
- Unimovie exhibition / Pescara 04
- Borderline / Paris 04

Technical informations:

dvd, 2 hours in loops, color, without dialog, french or english subtitled