Everything is told in this londonian title with the evocation of the 80's years. This show is like a hypnotic parade of corpses and bodies. Christian Rizzo, french young choreographer, works with metamorphosis and creates worlds with objects and bodies. With simple materials, inspired by nights and its artefacts, the choregrapher deals with travestite ways to live and act. In "Et pourquoi pas...", four dancers with masks changes of costumes and moves in a slow mood to create excentric worlds. Using marvellous and fantasms, Rizzo plays with the identities and the corpses to create sculptures. It's like a storie of contemporary bodies.


- Danser sa vie / Centre Georges Pompidou 11
- Agir Proche / Maison de la Culture d'Amiens 05
- unimovie exhibition / Pescara 04

festivals & screenings

- ciné-danse / festival d'Avignon
- la filature / Mulhouse
- Vidéodanse / Paris
- Festival le Choré-Graphique / Tours
- Videodanza / Napoli
- Moving image coalition / Melbourne
- Folio, Tokyo design festa

Production & distribution

L'Association Fragile
15 rue Martel, 75010 Paris France
+33 1 48 00 83 59

technical informations

digital files
54 minutes, color, stereo, without dialogue